The Black Friday 2020 Shopping Hacks You Need To Know Now

We know you’re all thinking this: when is Black Friday 2020 finally here? Well, we have some good news! The biggest sale of the year is coming to you soon, as it all kicks off in a few weeks – with the big day being 27th November. We are set to bring you all the best offers, deals and discounts online at Topshop, so to make the most of this cyber week we want you to be fully prepared for all the frenzy. To help you get ready, we collated the ultimate list of all Black Friday shopping hacks and everything you need to know to save big this year…

1. Know your size

Black Friday is not the time to buy the wrong size, so make sure you take a close look at our size guide and the Jeans Fit Guide before the big event to figure out which size you should go for. Then, when the time comes, you can place your order confidently knowing you won’t have to return a thing. Goals.

2. Set a budget

The sale of all sales will come around faster than you think, so we really suggest you start putting away some money for it now. Because nothing would be worse than checking out all those Black Friday clothes, just to find out you still can’t afford everything you want. Yes, the deals will be the best you’ve ever seen, but you’ll still need some money to make use of them…

3. Create a wishlist

Did you know you can now save your favourite pieces to your wishlist at Topshop? Start updating yours now, so that when Black Friday weekend comes around you can simply check which of your selected styles are now discounted, add them to your bag in seconds and buy them at the best price ever. It’s genius really.

4. Figure out which staples you need

You might find yourself overwhelmed by all the Black Friday shoes, bags and dresses when the time comes, so it’s always a good idea to figure out what you need to buy in advance. Need a new pair of jeans? You’ll find them at Topshop this Black Friday. Still missing a winter coat? There’s a deal for that. Trust us, you’ll love saving money on things you would’ve had to buy anyways!

5. Think ahead

The holidays are coming, so Black Friday really is the best time to start your Christmas shopping. What could be better than being able to buy your mum not one, but two or three gifts this year? Also make sure to check out the Black Friday deals at Topman if you’re buying for him. Giving has never been this easy.

6. Plan a virtual shopping trip

Even though we’ll be shopping online from home this Black Friday, that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Schedule in a video call with your best friends, share your screen and let them help you decide what to go for – just like you would in a fitting room! After all, a second opinion will always guarantee you really find the best Black Friday deals 2020.

7. Check back every day

New deals will be landing every day, so make sure you keep coming back. Plus, Cyber Monday is set to introduce some brand new offers and you don’t want to miss those. Every day is shopping day during cyber week and we couldn’t be more excited about it. We’re ready, are you?


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