7 Iconic Shopping Scenes In Movies To Get Inspired By This Black Friday

With the season of Black Friday and Christmas shopping fast approaching, we all know that it will look a bit different this year. We might have to miss out on hitting the shops, trying on clothes in the fitting rooms and carrying tonnes of bags around town, but we think online shopping can also be just as much fun. Plus, isn’t it way more comfortable to hang out at home, browse all your favourite categories without having to fight a crowd of people and then just wait for your parcel to arrive at your doorstep? To get you in the mood for a fun few days filled with the joy of shopping, we decided to look back at some of the most feel-good shopping scenes in movie history. These are our seven favourite clips that should inspire you to make ticking things off your shopping list a lot easier…

1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

Window shopping has received a whole new meaning this year, and if anyone does it right it’s Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly. The opening sequence of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which sees Holly longingly gaze inside the windows of the jewellery store, will forever be iconic and actually couldn’t be more relevant right now. Wearing a floor-length gown, pearls and evening gloves might be a bit extra for what you’re up to, but it’s always a good idea to start off your shopping adventures by seeing what’s on offer before you make any silly impulse purchases…

2. LOL (2008)

In the French classic (which was later remade in the US starring Miley Cyrus) a group of teens from Paris fly over to London for a high school exchange trip. Naturally, they head to all the Vintage stores as soon as they land and the changing room fashion show that ensues is a scene we could watch on repeat forever. It’s also inspired us to check in with all our besties, so we can figure out what they’ve got their eye on this Black Friday…

3. Confessions Of A Shopaholic (2009)

That the ultimate shopping film appears on this list shouldn’t come as a surprise. Confessions Of A Shopaholic highlights the issues that might come with excessive buying if you don’t have the money for it, and shows how important it is to save up, set yourself a budget and plan ahead – especially in the lead up to Black Friday and gifting season. But despite all of those life lessons, the shopping scenes in the film are just a joy to watch.

4. Pretty Woman (1990)

‘Big mistake. Big. Huge!’ There aren’t many movie quotes that are quite as well known as the words Julia Roberts uses to tell off the sales assistant at a designer boutique in Pretty Woman. The whole scene is a great watch and sees her trying on tonnes of gloriously early ’90s outfits in a makeover-type scenario. The moral of the story? Anyone should be able to be whoever, wear whatever and shop wherever they want to without being judged.

5. What Women Want (2000)

The classic dressing room scene in What Women Want makes us so happy. When Mel Gibson takes his daughter on a shopping spree to find her perfect prom look, what follows is a delightful presentation of some super fun outfits. She tries on everything from an embellished leather suit to a satin dress worn with chunky boots and some seriously frumpy frocks and Gibson’s reactions are just priceless. We’re obsessed.

6. A Very Brady Sequel (1996)

This is just the dose of old-school fun we needed right now. In A Very Brady Sequel, the whole Brady bunch hits the high street in a perfectly choreographed scene that couldn’t be more cheesy – but we can’t help but love it anyways. After all, sometimes all it takes to make a chore more enjoyable is a little song and dance – so keep that in mind for your days of online shopping ahead!

7. 13 Going On 30 (2004)

We know Jenna Rink isn’t technically in a store here, but the iconic scene when she’s shopping her own closet (or rather that of her future 30-year-old self) is just pure cinema gold. We wouldn’t mind taking a pick from that closet either – just look at all of those noughties mini handbags, the endless shelves stacked with shoes and that striped dress. The backdrop of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ makes it all perfect.


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