5 Ways To Make Sure You Get Some Me-Time This Weekend

It’s been a pretty hectic last few months to say the least. Now that we’re able to socialise more again, you might have found it’s slowly taken over your life. So, this weekend, take the opportunity to schedule in some much-needed me-time, so you can feel refreshed and relaxed for the following week ahead. Not sure where to start apart from watching Netflix and eating ice-cream? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered – discover five different ways to spend some quality time with yourself this weekend and thank us later…

1. Take yourself out to lunch

Taking yourself out on a date doesn’t have to feel scary or odd. In fact, often the best days out can be the ones you spend by yourself. If the concept seems foreign to you, a good way to ease yourself in would be to take yourself out to lunch. Then, when that goes well, you can try out going to the cinema, a museum or pretty much anywhere else that takes your fancy.

2. Go for a walk in a different area than usual 

Going for a walk is a certified way to spend some quality alone time. But rather than taking your normal route, why not try out a different area for a change of scenery and to discover somewhere new. And to really be at one with yourself, you could give walking with no podcast or music a go or try a walking meditation.

3. Have a pamper morning

We’re all familiar with the concept of a pamper night but, sometimes when it gets to that time of the evening, it can be hard enough to remember to take your makeup off, let alone adding an eight-step skincare routine, a bubble bath and a hair mask into the mix. Instead, move your pamper time to a weekend morning, so you can fit it all in with ease and the day ahead will feel so much better.

4. Make dinner at home

You might make yourself dinner pretty much every night but how often do you really make the effort to truly wine and dine yourself? When you’ve got a spare evening coming up, find a recipe you’ve been dying to try, get all the right ingredients, play your favourite music and have dinner with yourself. It’s the perfect way to wind down and treat yourself anytime of the week too.

5. Visit that place you’ve always wanted to go

Always wanted to go somewhere but never had anyone to go with? Rather than waiting for one of your friends to be free, just go by yourself. If it feels like none of your friends are as into the things you are into, find peace in enjoying your hobbies and interests alone. Think exhibitions, parks or even just that new reopened store you’ve been meaning to check out.


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